Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ooooh how slow shutter speed and sparks look.
From 59 Cadillac

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

So as my school is wrapping up I don't normally have time to anything but research projects, work, and then just relaxing at home. But here are some image updates. The engine is ready to go, the front end is just done, we're just still doing some patch work on the firewall and what not, and the passenger wheel well cover and quarter is half way repaired! We had to use the wheel well covers off a 70s caddy and then we welded the bottom original 59 covers to half of the 70s covers....strange but it works and looks great, not stock, but close.

Here's the rear quarter, once it's all bondo'd and sanded it's going to look great!
From 59 Cadillac

Here's the 500 (actually a 502) engine all painted up! Black, Red, and matte aluminum. The round air cover on the top is red too. It's pretty dusty but man, when it's clean...it's a sharp looking motor. It's also huge by the way...
From 59 Cadillac

Front end, all new lines and redone brakes. We had to customize the frame for the new engine. Can you tell?
From 59 Cadillac

Oh and here's a picture of the drivers side so you can see how rough it was! You can see the piece we're putting in on the floor. It matches the contours pretty well.

From 59 Cadillac

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some pictures

Here's some pictures, the car is on stands and hasn't actually moved since we put her in the warehouse. as you can see the front frame is all painted up. The guys had to re work the from so the motor mounts would work for the bigger engine. Dad is getting ready to work on fixing the spot for the heater core. It's rusted quite a bit (like the rest of the car). It's been a slow process, but we've just been working on it slowly but surely, trying to get parts online when we can. Engine will be being cleaned up later this week then hopefully get painted next week, going to paint the block Black and covers and what not RED to match the fins.

From 59 Cadillac

From 59 Cadillac

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're back!

Ok guys! Sorry it's way too long since my last update!

It's a slow process restoring a car of this rarity, regardless of the fact that it's a such a rare Cadillac! 59s are definitely up there when it comes to price of parts, but we've managed to get quality bumper parts since most of mine were shot, so the front and rear bumper are complete. We will have to send some stuff to the chrome shop, but at least we still have solid complete parts!

We are putting a larger 70s caddy engine in this bad boy and have go the new engine mounts ready and are getting ready to work on the firewall, we've got some rust holes to patch and reinforce. We've painted the front of the frame and gotten the transmission rebuilt for the engine. Still contemplating what color to paint the engine, I'm thinking red to match the fins.

Once we get then engine mounted and running properly then we will begin the major body work. The front fenders are good, but the rear quarters are...BAD! We have cut the fenders off a 70s caddy and the contours surprisingly match! So we will be able to fix the majority of the rear quarters.

Theres still So much to be done, but I'm thinking by halloween 09 it'll at least be primered. It will probably look like the ambulance from the first film, all black and primered, ha.

I'm still thinking about if I'm going to put on all the lights and roof gear. A big part of me does...but its just more money...a lot of money. Ha. I'll be posting some pictures sometime this week.


Friday, August 15, 2008


Sorry, I've been sick and work has been hectic. I'll try and do a real update this weekend.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taking it off...

Well we pulled out the drive shaft, the transmission, and the motor. We'll start getting all the front end disassembled to really clean up the front end, it's a mess. The guys that put in the 502 Caddy engine that this thing has now didn't do a top notch job and Ryan and Harold are going to have to really fix up all the motor mounts.

The guys over at the GBFans.com forums are giving me some great encouragement, turns out this Miller Meteor has a higher top than the actual Ghostbusters Ecto, I knew the suicide doors and rear glass were different but hey, that's not that big of deal.

We've found some more parts, rocker panels, some more chrome, and some bumper pieces. We were hoping to find some quarter panels, but no one wants to cut up there 59's Oh well, my Dad always says If it's metal we can cut it, treat it, bend it, and weld it. Something tells me this car will be done pretty fast...well, by my Dad's standards that is. He says that he wants it fixed and out of his shop...a 21 foot car does take up the room.

This weekend its going to be cleaning the engine compartment and all the under carriage and eventually stripping all the interior chrome and boxing it up. I'll post some pictures later, check the link on the right to my picasa album. Peace.

Monday, August 4, 2008


It runs! It actually sounds great in person. To bad the transmission is messed up!