Friday, August 15, 2008


Sorry, I've been sick and work has been hectic. I'll try and do a real update this weekend.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taking it off...

Well we pulled out the drive shaft, the transmission, and the motor. We'll start getting all the front end disassembled to really clean up the front end, it's a mess. The guys that put in the 502 Caddy engine that this thing has now didn't do a top notch job and Ryan and Harold are going to have to really fix up all the motor mounts.

The guys over at the forums are giving me some great encouragement, turns out this Miller Meteor has a higher top than the actual Ghostbusters Ecto, I knew the suicide doors and rear glass were different but hey, that's not that big of deal.

We've found some more parts, rocker panels, some more chrome, and some bumper pieces. We were hoping to find some quarter panels, but no one wants to cut up there 59's Oh well, my Dad always says If it's metal we can cut it, treat it, bend it, and weld it. Something tells me this car will be done pretty fast...well, by my Dad's standards that is. He says that he wants it fixed and out of his shop...a 21 foot car does take up the room.

This weekend its going to be cleaning the engine compartment and all the under carriage and eventually stripping all the interior chrome and boxing it up. I'll post some pictures later, check the link on the right to my picasa album. Peace.

Monday, August 4, 2008


It runs! It actually sounds great in person. To bad the transmission is messed up!

"What a piece of junk!"

Well, it may not be junk but man this is one rough car! A lot of rust and some real bad chrome, but'll be 50 years old next year. Anyway... I have, sitting outside our warehouse, my 59 Miller Meteor Hearse! I knew it was going to be a big car, but lord almighty this car is a true behemoth. The guys are going to see if they can get it running while it's still on the trailer so they can easily move it around...well, with a truck at least. Big thanks to Dad, Ryan, and Harold for making the big trek and hauling this bad boy back for me. They said it was turning heads and a lot of people came to ask them what kind of car it was, can't wait till it's done! It'll really bust some heads...

Some Pictures:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday, August 3rd, 8:43 am....

I get a call from my dad, he's loading the beast onto the trailer! What does he say about the car, well to quote him exactly, "It's one big son of a bitch." which is exactly what I thought he'd say. He also said there more rust than we saw in the pictures, but I kind of expected as much. He said we'll just have to pull a lot of long nights, but hey I like that it gives me something productive to do!

Pictures to come tomorrow.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

On it's way...

My Dad is going to get the Michigan! He left this morning and I spoke with him around lunch. He's taking a couple buddies up there, a big truck, and a even bigger trailer! The car is 20' 10" long and 81" wide at the widest point. This is bigger than any car, truck, or van I've ever driven! Since this is a hearse and doesn't have the windows in the back it is going to be a PAIN to backup, and since it's so freaking huge I'm going to have a hard time parking this bad boy in any sort of normal parking spot. I may have to do the douche bag thing and park in 2 spots...I know.

I know this is going to be a adventure and is going to take a LONG time to finish, but I am getting more and more excited the closer it gets to actually being in my hands. My Dad rules for helping me with all this. Thanks dad.
Also, if anyone out there needs Adobe illustrator files for Ghostbuster logos check out this page!

The colors are slightly off, the black isn't completely black, but if you have Illustrator hopefully you can fix this or a printing company surely can. I plan on making magnetic logos for the doors instead of getting real vinyls.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dreams do come true...

After much searching I finally found a 59 Cadillac Miller Meteor! I am devoting this blog to sharing the process of restoring this beast with all of my friends and the rest of the internet. Comments, suggestions, and any help are greatly appreciated!