Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taking it off...

Well we pulled out the drive shaft, the transmission, and the motor. We'll start getting all the front end disassembled to really clean up the front end, it's a mess. The guys that put in the 502 Caddy engine that this thing has now didn't do a top notch job and Ryan and Harold are going to have to really fix up all the motor mounts.

The guys over at the forums are giving me some great encouragement, turns out this Miller Meteor has a higher top than the actual Ghostbusters Ecto, I knew the suicide doors and rear glass were different but hey, that's not that big of deal.

We've found some more parts, rocker panels, some more chrome, and some bumper pieces. We were hoping to find some quarter panels, but no one wants to cut up there 59's Oh well, my Dad always says If it's metal we can cut it, treat it, bend it, and weld it. Something tells me this car will be done pretty fast...well, by my Dad's standards that is. He says that he wants it fixed and out of his shop...a 21 foot car does take up the room.

This weekend its going to be cleaning the engine compartment and all the under carriage and eventually stripping all the interior chrome and boxing it up. I'll post some pictures later, check the link on the right to my picasa album. Peace.

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